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Baseboard Installation



The majority of homeowners overlook the importance of their baseboards throughout the flooring installation process. While not all floor installations will need baseboard removal, reinstallation, and, in some instances, relocation, the overwhelming majority will.

In the course of providing a full floor installation service, our floor installers remove existing baseboards and install new ones. Baseboards are used to provide a smooth transition between your flooring and walls. While certain floor projects may not need the installation of new baseboards, others may necessitate the relocation of existing baseboards. Baseboards will be removed prior to the new installation and relocated, or they will be replaced entirely as the last stage of the procedure.


When it comes to baseboard installation, our staff can assist you if you’re looking to update outdated baseboards without having to replace the whole floor. Baseboard installation Sherman Oaks California may seem to be a daunting job, but our skilled staff can assist you in creating a beautiful design.. In order to avoid any damage to your existing flooring, we will perform a professional installation. Our flooring installers will find a solution for difficult flooring transitions, such as carpet to wood, to guarantee that all baseboards are flat with the floor surface. It is possible to rely on Baseboard installation sherman oaks California that is both clean and attractive.

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